Know Fracking… before it’s too late.


High-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing is opening up previously untapped natural gas reserves in Michigan shale deposits. Fracking is today one of Michigan’s most controversial environmental issues, a potential threat to our water, earth and air.

Right now Michigan has seen the booms and busts for drilling rights on public and private land. A fifth of Kent County has already been leased for oil and gas exploration including the White Pine Trail, Yankee Springs Recreational Area and the Rogue River and Cannonsburg State Game Areas.

While we don’t know every chemical that makes up the cocktail of lubricants, sand and solvents used in fracking, or the threat to our water resources, we do know that each fracking well destroys millions of gallons of freshwater. And that’s just the beginning. Learn the fracts… before it’s too late.


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